Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rozie & Salleh, myth and reality.

the myth

we have been told, everytime we took
a hike to Gunung Lesong, that there
is a myth about wishes that will be
materialized. and until now we
never know if the myth is
the actual truth or
just simply
a myth.

The bride and groom met during their participation in the journey to
Gunung Lesong as part of the activities for government employees.
They argued on certain simple things before they became friends in
the journey to the top of the mountain.

The bride went to The Bridal Department seeking advice and
looked for options: the dias, the dresses, the makeup
and the whole event plans.

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The wedding took place in the bride home in Kampung Lintang,
 Kuching.They planned to have a simple wedding ceremony
based on Sarawak Malay tradition with some urban
twist to it. Hence, they trusted The Bridal
Department to style their
wedding ceremony.
 the preparations...

Car deco by Latoya Adris for The Bridal Department

Henna Design by Naim Roslan for The Bridal Department

Home Dias by Khai Wedding Deco for The Bridal Department


The Bride - Before Makeup

After Makeup
The bride is wearing Keringkam (the original traditional Sarawak Malay Veil)

and the makeup artist


where the bride wears varieties of traditional costumes...

Iban traditional costume
as per request by the groom.

Korean Princess

In Kimono with to-die-for pose.


Held the next day where the adat bertepung tawar and
Sarawak Malay tradition of makan nasi temuan took place.

During make over before Majlis Sanding.

NazzibsamaD, Rozie The Bride and
those M.A.C cosmetics...

During Majlis Persandingan (Reception)

Adat menepung tawar done by close relatives.
The Bride is wearing Kebaya Couture while the Groom
is wearing Baju Silang and Set Tanjak Couture
(Set Tanjak Couture only created for The Bridal Department)

From left: Naim Roslan, Salleh, Rozie and NazzibsamaD

and the myth about Gunung Lesong
may be just a myth but true love
that blossomed from
Gunung Lesong
is real...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

1 Malaysia Wedding

The Bride,
Carol, is a native
Iban girl who married
a Malay young man in a small
solemnization ceremony attended by
family members and close friends.  However,
The Bride and Groom wore Cheongsam, a traditional
Chinese costume for their Wedding Reception Dinner and
they handed over the responsibility to style their look
for the simple & private reception to
The Bridal Department.

Forgive the quality of the photo taken by my assistant, she's very new.

Ready for her wedding dinner reception

Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Hair by Naima Mora Roslan
Costume & Accessories: The Bride's own collections.