Monday, February 21, 2011

Blossom Wedding

The Wedding
ceremony was held at
the bride's resident in Sri Aman,
 Sarawak. They wanted to highlight Red theme for
their wedding during Chinese New Year
so we enhance the dias look with
cherry blossom...

Pelamin Sanding

Before After
For Solemnization

Bride and Groom - Ready for Sanding.

And outdoor photoshoot...
Photo Courtesy of Norhaida AbbeQs

I love this shot...
Photo courtesy of Norhaida AbbeQs

Idea and Concept by NazzibsamaD
Home Dias by NazzibsamaD, Naim Roslan, Nurhayat Jemat & Latoya Adris
Makeup for Bride and Groom by NazzibsamaD
Tudung Style by Naim Roslan and Nurhayat Jemat
Henna Design by Nurhayat Jemat
Couture for Sanding by The Bridal Department
Costume for Majlis Belulut : Cheongsam & Kimono by The Bridal Department
Assisted by Trainee: Nining.
Outdoor shoot photo: Courtesy of Norhaida AbbeQs