Friday, June 24, 2011

Lights of Violet Romance

The couple
wanted to celebrate
their wedding ceremony
in a huge way. Hence, the meeting
with them started last year to discuss all
the single details including extravagant hall
transformation, stage decor, 7-tier multiple-flavor
cake, 10-square-foot screen, VVIP table decor with
5 feet centerpieces and ribboned chair covers, centerpieces &
chair covers for all guests tables, all-white table clothes, walkway,
extravagant entrance arch.
Not to mention bridesmaids
dresses, petals of potpouries,
BMW Z3 car decor, hair and
makeup with styling for both
the bride and groom, all by
The Bridal Department.

bridal makeup in progress

the groom

getting ready for reception

hair by Adul Adyt

the bridesmaids.

here comes the bride

VVIP centerpiece

during the ceremony...

the dance...

Congratz to
Allen and Mayjorie.

Idea, Concept and Design by NazzibsamaD
Floral arrangements by NazzibsamaD, Naim Roslan, Norhayat Jemat & Adul Adyt
Entrance Arch and car deco by Norhayat Jemat and Adul Adyt
VVIP centrepieces created and designed by NazzibsamaD
Hair and Makeup by NazzibsamaD & Naim Roslan.
Wedding decor assisted by Aizat, Aufa & Amy.
All photos courtesy of Abadi Photography.

Simplicity Appreciation

and two of her other sibling
planned a home wedding ceremony
to celebrate their marriage. And for three-pair
brides and grooms, two of which required
wardrobe with hair and makeup with
The Bridal Department.

Norazlina with her man...

the groom

deserted outdoor venue

romantically in love.


All photos courtesy of Abadi Photography
Wardrobe by The Bridal Department
Makeup and styling by Naim Roslan & Norhayat Jemat

Burgundy Love

Sambut Menantu
for Faizal and Lydia was held
in the groom's house in Sri Aman.
The bride and groom described the ceremony
to be small, cute, intimate just for
family and friends.

The bride mentioned that she wanted a white dress
paired with white coat for her love. And as for the wedding deco,
she wanted to highlight red flowers with white background.
And of course, we create something slightly
different to enhance the look.

the love birds

during the event.


Idea and Concept by NazzibsamaD
Hair and Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Wardrobe designed by NazzibsamaD
Dias decor by NazzibsamaD, Naim Roslan, Nurhayat Jemat, Adul Adyt & Aizat.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Keyword: Blue

The lovebird
set a meeting with
me in March 2010 for
their wedding tentatively in
December 2010. However, due to
some circumstances, they postponed
their wedding to end of May 2011 based
on what agreed on during our first meeting.