Friday, December 16, 2011

Lumineuse De Fleurs

cute couple
met me a few months
back to rent a couture set
for their pre-wedding photoshoot
in Kuching. They ended up hiring me
to style their wedding
their big wedding.....

They're cute, aren't they?
 Photo Courtesy of Ikha Razali

Outdoor photoshoot
 Photo Courtesy of Ikha Razali

 Photo Courtesy of Ikha Razali

Theme:  Lumineuse de Fleurs
 Photo Courtesy of Ikha Razali

Idea, concept and design by NazzibsamaD
Hair and Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Main Decor, Meja Beradap, VVIP tables and canopy decor by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Norhayat Jemat, Adul Adyth, Hafiana Azmain.
Car decor by Norhayat Jemat and Adul Adyth
All floral arrangements by NazzibsamaD and Norhayat Jemat.
Special thanks to Ikha Razali.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Noir et Blanc

The groom
specifically wants
us to style his wedding.
He specifically wants a simple
theme of black and white with draping
all over their living room including
the ceiling. Not to mention
Meja Beradab.

Noir et Blanc

Black and white home dias

Idea and concept: NazzibsamaD
Dias decor by NazzibsamaD, Norhayat Jemat, Adul Adyth and Hafiana
All floral arrangement by NazzibsamaD and Norhayat Jemat.

Once in a Blue Moon...

contacting me
about his wedding
at his bride's house located
at Muara Tuang in Kota Samarahan.
They specifically gave me one color to work on
that consist of their home dias,
bridal couture as well
as hantaran deco.

Makeup and Couture by NazzibsamaD

Couture by NazzibsamaD

Idea and Styling by NazzibsamaD
Wedding Dias and bedroom decor by Khai Wedding Decor
Couture design by NazzibsamaD
Makeup and styling NazzibsamaD and Naim Roslan
Hantaran and car decor by Norhayat Jemat and Naim Roslan
Henna Design by Norhayat Jemat.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Lil Bit Of Goth.

I met both bride and groom when they attended a few weddings
that I've styled before. Even the groom has been the bestmen
for a couple's big wedding I decorated back in 2010.
In late March this year, they approached me to
style their engagement ceremony. You can
see the outcome by clicking here.
Alhamdulillah, they love what
we created for them.
Click here too
for review.

they set up
new meeting for
their big day, or need
I say their big three days
wedding ceremony!!! Since I
used soft violet for their engagement,
they wanted me to create something with
the element of red-white-black, in which I made
a lil bit of Goth.

During Solemnization

Makeup and style by NazzibsamaD

2nd night ceremony - Malam Belulut

Main Dias During Majlis Bersanding on the 3rd day.

Walk down the aisle...

Majlis Bersanding at the groom's resident
Bridal Couture design by NazzibsamaD

PLAYFUL: wearing couture by NazzibsamaD

Classic yet classy.

Tender kisses...

All Photos Courtesy of Ilham Photography


Idea, concept & design by NazzibsamaD
Couture design by NazzibsamaD
Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Solemnization & Main Hall Dias design by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Norhayat Jemat, Naim Roslan, Adul Adyth & Aizat.
Hairstyle by Naim Roslan
Henna Design by Norhayat Jemat
Special Thanks to Aweng Fadlee of Ilham Photography.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pre-Wed Photoshoot.

Early this year, Amy asked me to design bridal couture
for her wedding ceremony. I assumed she wanted
me to create one for her reception. I came up
with two different designs which she
ended up purchased plus one
other couture for her

She wore all three for her pre-wedding
photoshoot which was taken by the fabulous Abadi Photography.

Serene of Tropical Green

Dancing in the sun

Green of Love

'Till death do us part...

The Love Birds.

Couture designed by NazzibsamaD
Hair and Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Nurhayat Jemat
All photo were taken by Abadiphotography

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back To Black

Late last year
was the first discussion
between me and the bride via
email. After a whole lot more discussions,
be it via emails, text messages and even phone calls,
we finally met a few days before Aidilfitri.
Black white and splashes of silver
were chose as theme for her
wedding ceremony.


Ready for Majlis Bersanding
Couture design by NazzibsamaD

Here comes the lovebirds

The Black and White Exclusive Hall Decor

From Side View...

with The Bridal Department Crew


Idea, concept and design by NazzibsamaD
Couture for Majlis Sanding by NazzibsamaD
Makeup and styling by NazzibsamaD, Naim Roslan, Norhayat Jemat
Hall decor by NazzibsamaD, Naim Roslan, Norhayat Jemat, Adul Adyth & Aizat.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Glittery Black

Sneak preview for
the engagement, solemnization
and wedding reception for the love bird
Norlidawati Dadan and Noor Azlan Abd Rahman

For Him...

The Watch

Fragrances For Him

For Her...

Fragrances For Her



House of Ring...

Stay tune for their solemnization
and wedding reception.

Idea and Concept by NazzibsamaD
Created by Norhayat Jemat

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exclusive Home Wedding

The bride has
been contacting me
 since January via email.
 She was silence for a while
until they finally agreed on the date
which tentatively will be on Sept 20th.
But there has been changes of plans, they
moved the date to Sept 3rd when
most of us were still on Raya mood.

Fushion of pink and blue is the bride personal choices.

We incorporated splashes of peach and black to enhance the look.

Exclusive Home Wedding Dias...

Lenny & Eroy 

Idea & design by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Norhayat Jemat, Adul Adyt, Hafiana & Mohd Aizat.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Couture by NazzibsamaD
Hair and Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Assisted and photographed by Adul Adyth
Talent:  Bonny Razali

Friday, July 1, 2011

Gothically Speaking.

Hafiza Azura,
the local songstress
asked me to design something
new and different for her wedding
reception in Sri Aman. She said she wanted
me to create two different styles for her Majlis Bersanding.
For her first pakaian sanding, I created a simple
short baju kurung with beaded
Gucci lace in lilac.

And for her second, here comes the couture.

Hafiza and Hasrul posed for outdoor photoshoot

the love bird.

she rocks the couture.

All photos courtesy of Aweng Fadlee for awengz_graphix.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lights of Violet Romance

The couple
wanted to celebrate
their wedding ceremony
in a huge way. Hence, the meeting
with them started last year to discuss all
the single details including extravagant hall
transformation, stage decor, 7-tier multiple-flavor
cake, 10-square-foot screen, VVIP table decor with
5 feet centerpieces and ribboned chair covers, centerpieces &
chair covers for all guests tables, all-white table clothes, walkway,
extravagant entrance arch.
Not to mention bridesmaids
dresses, petals of potpouries,
BMW Z3 car decor, hair and
makeup with styling for both
the bride and groom, all by
The Bridal Department.

bridal makeup in progress

the groom

getting ready for reception

hair by Adul Adyt

the bridesmaids.

here comes the bride

VVIP centerpiece

during the ceremony...

the dance...

Congratz to
Allen and Mayjorie.

Idea, Concept and Design by NazzibsamaD
Floral arrangements by NazzibsamaD, Naim Roslan, Norhayat Jemat & Adul Adyt
Entrance Arch and car deco by Norhayat Jemat and Adul Adyt
VVIP centrepieces created and designed by NazzibsamaD
Hair and Makeup by NazzibsamaD & Naim Roslan.
Wedding decor assisted by Aizat, Aufa & Amy.
All photos courtesy of Abadi Photography.