Monday, September 19, 2011

Back To Black

Late last year
was the first discussion
between me and the bride via
email. After a whole lot more discussions,
be it via emails, text messages and even phone calls,
we finally met a few days before Aidilfitri.
Black white and splashes of silver
were chose as theme for her
wedding ceremony.


Ready for Majlis Bersanding
Couture design by NazzibsamaD

Here comes the lovebirds

The Black and White Exclusive Hall Decor

From Side View...

with The Bridal Department Crew


Idea, concept and design by NazzibsamaD
Couture for Majlis Sanding by NazzibsamaD
Makeup and styling by NazzibsamaD, Naim Roslan, Norhayat Jemat
Hall decor by NazzibsamaD, Naim Roslan, Norhayat Jemat, Adul Adyth & Aizat.


My Life's Journey said...

Cantik :) .. tema warna hitam masa tok ramai yang suka .. taniah encik nazzib :)

NazzibsamaD said...

TQVM dear,
it is not an easy task transforming Dewan at Kampung Debak to black and white theme decor, but it was all worth it. Thanks to my hard work crews and much appreciation to the bride and groom for choosing us.

My Life's Journey said...

Betul kata en.nazzid ..bukan senang nak buat pelamin yang cantik ..lebih2 lagi warna hitam. Susah nak angkat serinya .. kmk suka cara olahan mekap dari ktk .. teruskan usaha ..chayo2! :)