Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exclusive Home Wedding

The bride has
been contacting me
 since January via email.
 She was silence for a while
until they finally agreed on the date
which tentatively will be on Sept 20th.
But there has been changes of plans, they
moved the date to Sept 3rd when
most of us were still on Raya mood.

Fushion of pink and blue is the bride personal choices.

We incorporated splashes of peach and black to enhance the look.

Exclusive Home Wedding Dias...

Lenny & Eroy 

Idea & design by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Norhayat Jemat, Adul Adyt, Hafiana & Mohd Aizat.


My Life's Journey said...

Kmk suka sentuhan kitak :) .. cantik dimata :)

NazzibsamaD said...

TQVM, the bride requested an odd combination of blue and pink. It turned out to be soft and cool yet fabulous.