Saturday, December 15, 2012

For Jelani Abang and NurQisha Abdullah

Location: Kampung Melayu Stumbin, Sri Aman.
Exclusive Home Dias and Decor...

The engagement gifts

Go green...

courtesy of Abadi Photography

taken after Majlis Menepung Tawar

 photo courtesy of Abadi Photography


Jelani Abang & Nur Qisha Abdullah.
photo courtesy of Abadi Photography

Monday, October 22, 2012

Exotic, Sweet and Sensual

Dyg Noni
and I sat down and 
discussed about her wedding 
decor which she pointed out, was the 
only one element she has yet to confirmed with
any vendors.  She does not know the exact design for
her wedding decor as long as the decor will not be as cliché
as featured in most of our local wedding magazines and it should 
have purple and pink with
a few floral arrangements.

Floral arrangement

Reception Venue: Kampung Melayu, Betong, Sarawak.

Sensually sweet.

For Dyg Noni & Khairuddin

Photo courtesy of abadiphotography



Idea & Concept by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Nurhayat Jemat, Abdul Hadith bin Abdul Wahab, 
     Naim Roslan & Amy Daud

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ali and Marina, Kuching

The bride
specifically requested
us to style her wedding reception
in Kuching which was in face Majlis Sambut
Menantu on the groom side. We were given the simplest
keyword as guidelines for the concept of
Ali and Marina wedding ceremony:

However we incorporated other similar pinky tones
to bring out colors for the ceremony...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Small, Rural Yet Tasteful!!!

Ieda and Jelani
first celebrated their love
in a small Iban village in Engkilili
that housed the origin of the bride. Even
though the ceremony was held in a long house
that still maintain its' Iban cultures dan traditions, the
couple opted to wear bridal couture
and decor portraying urban and 
tasteful style!!

Cool Black and White theme.

Urban mood.
Location: Rumah Panjang Kampung Kumpang Langir, Engkilili

Idea and design by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Nurhayat Jemat, Abdul Hadith, Naim Roslan & Dzulhelmidea.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Merging of Two Cultures.

It's such a
fabulous opportunity
for us to be a part of this
beautiful engagement ceremony
that merge two different cultures together.
The lovely couple, Raj and Carol celebrates their
engagement in a small harmonious ceremony resulting 
the merge of Iban and Indian cultures together, 
witnessed by close friends and family that
combines all sort of Malaysian races 
together in one lovely

Carol: Before After Make Over

Carol and Raj in Indian Costume

Concept and Styling by NazzibsamaD
Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Hair by Naim Roslan
Engagement Gift by Norhayat Jemat

Thursday, May 31, 2012

For Ella & Sofian

The wedding
ceremony was held
at Kampung Nyabor, Betong
and the bride and groom booked us
six months in advance to decorate
their wedding as well as
providing couture for
Ella & Sofian.

Red and white theme

The warmth of the dias...

Set renjis in Gold to enhance the look.


Idea & Concept by NazzibsamaD
Floral arrangement by NazzibsamaD, Norhayat Jemat & Naim Roslan
Assisted by Dzulhelmedia & Francis

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We are the
Official Makeup Team for
Astro Prima, Kilauan Emas Siri 2
Merdeka Palace & Suite, Kuching, Sarawak
5th-6th May 2012 

Me and my team with Astro Makeup Artist, Puan Fauziah Gos

Raja Azura and panel of judges

Makeover for Juliza Adzlizan

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fraiche Violette

The bride
and groom to be
requested a simple, cool
decor for their wedding reception.
And as agreed, we came up with two designs.
Both decor designs have been used: for solemnization
decor in the living room as well as for the reception ceremony 
in their front yard.

Makeup and Styling by NazzibsamaD
Photo Courtesy of Ikha Razali Photography

Design and Concept by NazzibsamaD

Fraiche Violette

Design and Concept by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Nurhayat Jemat, Adul Adit, Dzulhelmedia
Makeup and Styling by NazzibsamaD
Couture by The Bridal Department
Henna Design by Nurhayat Jemat

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fleurir la Cerise Rouge

la Cerise Rouge
is the theme we created for
Dyg Nuha and Zulkanaen wedding ceremony.
The utilized of red and white floral arrangement that
consist of multiple spring flowers with some
silvery and black decor accessories
to highlight the whole sharp
yet ambience scene.

Fleurir la Cerise Rouge

For solemnization

 Photo Courtesy of Andy
Qasthara Photography

Before - After


Outdoor Photoshoot
 Photo Courtesy of Andy
Qasthara Photography

Couture by NazzibsamaD
Photo courtesy of Nurul Syamimie
Qasthara Photography 

 Photo courtesy of Nurul Syamimie
Qasthara Photography

Idea, Concept and Design by NazzibsamaD
Couture and accessories designed by NazzibsamaD
Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Henna Design by Nurhayat Jemat
Styling by NazzibsamaD and Nurhayat Jemat
Assisted by Adul Adyth and Amy.
Special thanks to Andy and Nurul from Qasthara Photography

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bridal Couture...

Photo courtesy of AllenCameraworks

Couture and suit design by NazzibsamaD
Hair and Makeup: NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Adul Adyth
Talent: Bonny Razali & Watson Menjang.