Monday, October 22, 2012

Exotic, Sweet and Sensual

Dyg Noni
and I sat down and 
discussed about her wedding 
decor which she pointed out, was the 
only one element she has yet to confirmed with
any vendors.  She does not know the exact design for
her wedding decor as long as the decor will not be as cliché
as featured in most of our local wedding magazines and it should 
have purple and pink with
a few floral arrangements.

Floral arrangement

Reception Venue: Kampung Melayu, Betong, Sarawak.

Sensually sweet.

For Dyg Noni & Khairuddin

Photo courtesy of abadiphotography



Idea & Concept by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Nurhayat Jemat, Abdul Hadith bin Abdul Wahab, 
     Naim Roslan & Amy Daud

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ali and Marina, Kuching

The bride
specifically requested
us to style her wedding reception
in Kuching which was in face Majlis Sambut
Menantu on the groom side. We were given the simplest
keyword as guidelines for the concept of
Ali and Marina wedding ceremony:

However we incorporated other similar pinky tones
to bring out colors for the ceremony...