Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fleurir la Cerise Rouge

la Cerise Rouge
is the theme we created for
Dyg Nuha and Zulkanaen wedding ceremony.
The utilized of red and white floral arrangement that
consist of multiple spring flowers with some
silvery and black decor accessories
to highlight the whole sharp
yet ambience scene.

Fleurir la Cerise Rouge

For solemnization

 Photo Courtesy of Andy
Qasthara Photography

Before - After


Outdoor Photoshoot
 Photo Courtesy of Andy
Qasthara Photography

Couture by NazzibsamaD
Photo courtesy of Nurul Syamimie
Qasthara Photography 

 Photo courtesy of Nurul Syamimie
Qasthara Photography

Idea, Concept and Design by NazzibsamaD
Couture and accessories designed by NazzibsamaD
Makeup by NazzibsamaD
Henna Design by Nurhayat Jemat
Styling by NazzibsamaD and Nurhayat Jemat
Assisted by Adul Adyth and Amy.
Special thanks to Andy and Nurul from Qasthara Photography