Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Secret Weapons

A dear friend asked me to reveal my secret
weapons a.k.a my makeup collections or
tools that I used in makeup artistry.
I told her I have almost as same
as other makeup artists or
could be lesser than
them. It seems
that my answer
was a "No" to her.
She keeps on asking me
to reveal it one-by-one so it
might be a good references for
others; by others she meant other
makeup artists or those who wanna be
makeup artists or just for herself. But I will not 
reveal every single details one by one as requested.

Overall, these are what hidden in my makeup case...
Well... Here's the not so tidy makeup case.

The top compartment stored False Lashes,
Tweezer, Curler, Lipcolors, Lipglosses,
Lipliners and whatever-it-is lip products.

2nd compartment is for eye products:
Eye primer, eyeshadows, pigments
and lots of pigments.

The 3rd compartment comprised of TV Sticks,
Eye pencils, Mascaras, Eyebrow pencils,
Brow set etc.

And the last compartment stored powders,
blushes, palattes, blush creams etc etc etc...

As you can see,
most of the products
are from MAC...
and so does the makeup case...

So this is what I used to store my secret weapons...

But the biggest of
all the weapons I have is...

The knowledge from the best!!!

I was trained by the Legendary Nurul Shukor,
Top Professional Makeup Artist in Malaysia
who responsible for Siti Nurhaliza looks for
fourteen consecutive years and counting...
Thank you so much Kak Nurul.

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