Thursday, March 24, 2011

Arissa Lyn and Rosdi

The wedding took place in Saratok, Betong -
about two hours drive from my outlet in Sri Aman.
The bride contact me after analyzing my blog as well as
facebook. The bride and groom set up a meeting at my outlet
to discuss on their wedding dias complete with walkway,
red carpet and entrance arch. They let me create
my own theme and highlight on simple,
classy, framed backdrop with
birdcages deco. I called it
Violet in Spring time.

Home Dias Exclusive


Photo courtesy of Naida Mohd Noor


Now, here are photos taken by Mukhriz Latif and his team.

Photo taken from

Features for the dias
Photo taken from

Malam Berinai / Majlis Belulut.

Photo taken from

Idea and Concept: NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Naim Roslan, Latoya Adris and Nurhayat Jemat

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