Wednesday, December 1, 2010

KC Sebli Wedding

Eight months ago, the bride - KC - came to my office
with her mom discussing about her wedding
theme. She pictured her dias theme
based on her favourite color - 
red and white.

When she explained the size of her small dias
(refering to her eldest sister's wedding dias), some
other limitations and constrains, she left the discussion with
the ideas of small wedding dias consisting of backdrop design, chairs,
stage and two vases with red and white
flowers, simple make over.

But it turned out to be...

A simple dias with splashes of extravagant...
p/s: she was extremely surprised when I show her this photo
while she did her henna design

Simple car deco

Henna Design

Majlis Menepung Tawar

The lovely newlywed...

Dias decor idea and concept by NazzibsamaD
Assisted by Naim Roslan, Latoya Adris, Nurhayat Jemat
Trainee: Adit, Pet and Nining
Makeup for the bride and groom, bridesmaid and bestman by NazzibsamaD
Car Decor by Naim Roslan, Nurhayat Jemat and Adit
Henna Design by Nurhayat Jemat
Couture and Accessories by The Bridal Department.

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